One On One Services

The following are a list of one-on-one therapies that Shore Kids Pediatric Therapies provide. Keep in mind, that we also offer group sessions for many of the following as well.

At Shore Kids, we offer screenings to provide parents with professional guidance about their child’s development. A screening is an abbreviated evaluation that determines whether or not a child is performing at an age-appropriate level or if the child requires further evaluation. The screenings are free of charge and there is no obligation to proceed with our services. If you do choose to continue with us, the proper evaluation and treatment will be determined.

A majority of our therapies are offered in thirty minute or hour blocks. Depending on each child’s needs, both the parent and therapist will decide the length of the session.

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Counseling/Play Therapy

Our Licensed clinical social workers and/or licensed psychologists will work with your children via play therapy and talk therapy

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Classroom Learning 3

Educational Services

Providing exceptional educational programs is what we pride ourselves on! Our certified reading specialists, special educators, learning consultants, and teachers...

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Applied Behavior Analysis

Our certified BCBA therapists will evaluate and create an individualized treatment program that will fit each child’s needs. All therapy...

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Physical Therapy

Our Physical therapists seek to preserve and enhance a child’s motor performance especially in the areas of functional mobility and...

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Occupational Therapy

Our therapists treat children with a wide variety of abilities. They specialize in working with children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum...

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Speech and Language Therapy

Our speech therapy team includes qualified speech therapists that have a wealth of experience in all areas of speech &...

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