Pre-K 4’s  Kindergarten Readiness Program

9:00 AM-11:00AM (This can be extended) | 3-5 Day Option Available

… Now accepting Registrations for Fall 2014

preschoolThis class is perfect for children in half-day programs! Our small group program provides a foundation of skills for kindergarten including reading, math, handwriting, and cooperative learning activities. Our certified teachers have designed and developed this class to ensure constant progress and success!


  1. You ONLY pay for the days your child attends. If your child is sick or you are on vacation, YOU DO NOT pay for that day. Each family is billed at the end of the month for the sessions attended. We do ask that you give us notice for planned days away.
  2. You can choose how many days your child attends our program. We offer a three-day or a five-day option.
  3. Additional Therapies are offered on site. If your child needs occupational therapy, speech therapy or other services, we can arrange them during your child’s time with us. For more information, please ask.
  4. In addition to academic time, the children have free-play, center time and snack time.
  5. We ensure that your child is ready to enter kindergarten. He/she will have been taught all pre-reading/reading skills plus sight words and tapping out strategies via a multisensory approach that will guarantee them readiness for kindergarten.

Call Today to Register For the Fall – (732) 460-1500