Applied Behavior Analysis

behaviorAt Shore Kids, our certified BCBA therapists will evaluate and create an individualized treatment program that will fit each child’s needs. All therapy implemented can be created for any environment such as the clinic, the home, at school and in the community. ABA is designed to increase positive behaviors while decreasing others such as hitting, biting, flapping and screaming. Our teaching methods include, Verbal Behavior (VB), Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), Prompting and Fading, Shaping and Chaining, Natural Environment Teaching (NET), Errorless Learning, Reinforcement

The following are is a list of Behaviors that ABA aims to help increase:

  • Imitation Skills
  • Gross/Fine Motor Skills
  • Language
  • Visual/Perceptual Skills
  • Daily Living Activities
  • Social and Independent Play Skills
  • Community Skills
  • Reading and writing
  • Group Instruction